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Roto Tom Drum Catalogs, Patents and Flyers

1968 Remo Roto Tom Catalog Page

This is the page from the 1968 Remo catalog for roto toms. This is the original roto-tom!

1977 Patent for Variable Pitch Drum

This patent is for the variable pitched drum, a type of drum with a built in roto tom.


1979 Pearl Catalog

Pearl Veri-pitch snare drum catalog page from the 1979 Pearl Drums Catalog

1978 Remo Roto Tom Drum Catalog

Check out this 8-page catalog from Remo. There are some great pictures and details on roto tom drums.

1981 Remo Roto Toms Catalog

This is a 12-page catalog that shows the expanded line of roto tom drums as they grew in popularity. The catalog has information on Trimline Reflectors, Rapid-Tuning Pitch Pedals, Marching Rotos and Timpanellos.

1987 Remo Roto Tom Catalog Page

Check out this page catalog from Remo. There are some great pictures and details on roto tom drums.


1988 Fall Announcement of the Spoxe

Omar Hakim and Terry Bozzio were some of the early drummer-promoters for this new audio and visual effect. Even Michael Jackson used them on his music videos.

Here is a scan of Remo Spoke drum set. Notice the spoxe hi-hat cymbals!

1988 Remo Spoxe Catalog Page

These were Remo Spoxe and based off of the lower part of a Roto Tom.

1988 Remo Roto-Tom Catalog Page

This is the Rototom page from the 1988 catalog.



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